“Child Abuse casts a shadow the length of a lifetime”, Herbert Ward stated.  Every year, 3 million reports of child abuse are discovered. As you and your sporty son are throwing a football is the beautiful sky, their child is locked up in a damp and dark closet while being punched in the face by their cold hearted guardian. As you and Your Daughter are getting ready to go to a pageant for her, her daughter is being told she is ugly and no one likes her... Neglect, Emotional, Physical, And Sexual Abuse are the 4 kinds of Child Abuse. Child Abuse is preventable, yet how can you prevent it? What can you do in order to prevent other children from harm? 

When a child is being abused, the first thing you can do is contact DFCS. DFCS stands for Department of Family And Child services.  The Division of Family and Children Services (DFCS) is responsible for welfare and employment support, protecting children, foster care and other services to strengthen families. According to Prevent Child Abuse GA, 92,952 reports were made to the Georgia Department of Family and Children Services. 16% of these reports were not investigated by DFCS or were not put into the data system. 25% of these reports were diversion. 60% of these reports were placed into the data system and accepted for services. 22,779 (41%) of the entered reports were substantiated, 12,595 opened to DFCS (23% of investigated cases) and 10, 184 investigated, substantiated, closed (45% of substantiated cases). DFCS has helped many cases, but there are things you must do in order to get their services. You have to call DFCS yourself, and you need to say what you have seen or suspected. Citizens who suspect child abuse just simply report what they have seen or heard. DFCS is a simple and easy way to report and stop child abuse. Child abuse is not right at all, and this is a serious case that needs to be terminated. DFCS can help you stop child abuse. You need to report it because child abuse affects everyone. It hurts children and causes them to go insanely troubled.

Child abuse is mistreatment of a child by a parent or guardian, including neglect, beating, and sexual molestation. Community leadership is critical to preventing child abuse and neglect. There are organizations in the world that help with child abuse prevention. Just one of those organizations is called Blue Ribbon for Kids. The Blue Ribbon for Kids organization was started by Wisconsin Children’s Trust Fund, Child Abuse Prevention Fund of Children’s Hospital and Health System and Children’s Service Society of Wisconsin prevent child abuse. They created the Blue Ribbon for Kids because creating awareness about the issue to increase the simple knowledge in a community and normalize the stigma associated with parents seeking help and support. For the Blue Ribbons for Kids initiative, that means strengthening community support for parents and educating people about how to prevent child maltreatment. You can help prevent child abuse by joining organizations like this. They teach you many things about child abuse, they tell you what to look for when a child is being abused and they have festivals to help stop child abuse. Joining a Organization such as this helps prevent child abuse. Its one great solution because parents who have seena child abused help you to understand the effects of it. It also helps kids to understand they are loved, even though they were abused. Join something like this organization to prevent child abuse prevents it by doing many different things depending on the organization's decisions. One way some organizations prevent child abuse is by sending the familys money.  

Child Abuse is much more than bruises and broken bones. While physical abuse is very noticeable and it’s very visible, other types of abuse also leave deep long lasting scars. Another way to help prevent child abuse everywhere is learn signs of child abuse. Unexplained bruises, Bite Marks, Cuts, Anti-Social, or burns are signs of physical abuse. Feelings of depression, Isolation from friends and family, Withdraw from social reaction, Low Self Esteem, Mood Changes, Not trusting others, self blaming, and much more are signs of emotional abuse. Difficulty concentrating, Difficulty learning, Depression, Low self-esteem, Child is always hungry and very thin and Poor Health is signs of child neglect. If a child has sexually transmitted disease, not willing to participate in physical activities, Poor peer relationships, focused on sexual relationships and pain in certain areas are signs of sexual abuse. We need to learn the signs of child abuse because children everywhere are dying due to child abuse. If we learn the signs of child abuse, we will be able to prevent it. You may be able to take a class that teaches you about the signs of child abuse and just child abuse in general.  I know some people will think that this class is expensive, yet it will be more expensive when you have to restore the child back to health from being abused. Child abuse is pain. Are you going to let innocent children receive humongous pain for just being a child?  

Child Abuse is damage to a child. Child Abuse includes non-accidental physical injury, neglect, sexual abuse/molestation, and emotional abuse. You can stop child abuse by reporting to DFCS,  Joining an organization that helps child abuse, or learning the signs of child abuse.  Child abuse is very preventable. If you don’t stop it, who will?